Each year Tenbury Wells, "The Town in the Orchard", celebrates the Mighty Apple with a one day event held on the Town’s Burgage Recreational Area.


Applegarth Nurseries

Chipping Norton's Garden Centre. A long established nursery in Oxfordshire, well known for it's friendly and knowledgeable staff. Serving the regions gardeners, allotment holders and landscapers.



ARTEVOS focuses its joint forces and competencies on the promotion and marketing of new, healthy and vitamin-rich fruit varieties.


Ashridge Trees Ltd

Ashridge Trees Nursery deliver a wide range of plants. They have several planting videos and lots of information to help you choose the right plants for your site and to look after them until they are mature. Their monthly newsletter is handy for reminding you about regular gardening tasks and what to do in bad weather conditions.


Batsford Arboretum

Batsford is home to one of the finest botanical collections in the country and is run by the charitable trust, The Batsford Foundation.


Botden & van Willegen

With an annual production of approximately 2.8 million fruit trees, Botden & van Willegen ranks among the leading fruit tree nurseries in Europe.



Home delivery plants and garden sundries 'where top designers get their plants'...


Fruit Forum

Fruit Forum is a web space for anything and everything to do with fruit.


Gloucestershire Orchard Trust

Aims to conserve, promote and celebrate traditional orchards in the county of Gloucestershire in the west of England.


Gräb Nursery

Specialist German fruit nursery.


Lodge Farm Plants

We specialise in fruit trees, trained fruit trees, Soft fruits, wildflowers, herbs & Vegetable plants


Marcher Apple Network 

Founded in 1993 this charitable society is involved in many different activities from keeping MAN's own orchards, which preserve old varieties, through attendance at many shows during the autumn where the identification service proves very popular. For those with, or planning to establish an orchard, there is the Information centre with information on books, nurseries, orcharding courses, grants and information on many apple and pear events.


Nicholsons Nurseries

Founded in 1979, Nicholsons is a well-established family plant nursery renowned for quality plants and service.



The Bavarian Fruit Centre is the modern centre for research and breeding of fruit varieties in the garden as well as in commerical cultivation.

Orange Pippin

A major website about apples and other orchard fruits, including the pedigrees of hundreds of apple varieties along with detailed tasting notes, and an Apple Tree Register where you can record your own apple trees and compare with fellow enthusiasts around the world.


Orange Pippin Fruit Trees

Orange Pippin specialises in fruit trees and fruiting ornamental trees. Their website has comprehensive information about choosing and growing a wide range of fruit trees, as well as specialist online tools such as a tree height calculator and a pollination checker. You can also contact their fruit tree experts, online or by phone, for detailed advice.


Ornamental Trees

A huge range of varieties, from small garden trees up to mature specimen trees, fruit trees, ornamental trees and hedging, all available to order online.


Pippin Trees

Pippin Trees offers a wide range of ornamental trees, available to order online. Their website includes a tree finder research tool, which lets you search for the right trees for your needs, using dozens of different characteristics.


Preston Bissett Nurseries & Country Shop

Retail nursery and online store with excellent range of popular garden trees


Royal Horticultural Society

The RHS is the UK's leading gardening charity dedicated to advancing horticulture and promoting good gardening.


The Yorkshire Arboretum

The Yorkshire Arboretum is a glorious, 120 acre garden of trees from around the world set in a stunning landscape of parkland, lakes and ponds on the Castle Howard Estate near York.


Trees for Life charity

Trees for Life are working on restoring the Caledonian Forest to the Highlands of Scotland.



A Great Place To Buy Fruit & Ornamental Trees Online


Vigo Ltd

Suppliers of fruit processing and bottling equipment to commercial cidermakers, apple juice producers and wineries.


Vigo Presses

Suppliers of fruit presses and crushers to those with fruit trees in their garden who want to make delicious juice. Also supply all the equipment you need for making cider, cordials, drying fruit, bottling fruit and picking and pruning your fruit trees, including orchard ladders.


Walcot Organic Nursery

The fruit tree nursery has been established to grow organic fruit trees for sale suitable for all situations from small gardens to traditional orchards