8 Fabulous Front Garden Trees

The front garden is the perfect place to plant a real show-stopping tree. Beautiful blossom, autumn colour or unusual, eye-catching forms - whatever your taste there will be a tree for you.

A well chosen front garden tree will enhance the appearance of your house and even improve the look of the whole street. It can also provide extra privacy and like all trees will create useful habitat for birds and other wildlife.

Here are just a handful of recommendations - there are hundreds more to choose from!

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Fagus sylvatica 'Purpurea Pendula'

A classic weeping tree with dark purple leaves. Often develops a small dome-shape, ideally suited to smaller garden spaces. Like all Fagus the leaves hang on late into the autumn with rich tones of red and brown.


Magnolia 'Black Tulip'

The most exceptional of recent introductions, has the darkest red of current known varieties. 'Black Tulip' flowers in April from an early age and occasionally produces a second flowering in mid to late summer. An upright tree that doesn't get very big.


Catalpa bignonioides 'Aurea'

Large, golden, velvety leaves create a dazzling sunny display in summer. Panicles of white flowers also appear. This spreading tree can be pruned hard in winter so that the fresh growth each spring is magnificent and vibrant.


Prunus 'Beni-yutaka'

Sugar pink semi-double flowers with a dark central eye make this one of the most eye-catching flowering cherries, bursting into bloom in early April. Deep crimson colours in the autumn leaves give it another flush of pretty colour. Fairly upright and tidy habit so perfect for the front garden.


Betula utilis 'Moonbeam'

This birch has a fine white trunk and is considerably smaller than other birches. Delicate leaves provide dappled shade in summer and the spectacular bark offers interest throughout the winter. One of the best birches for small gardens, along with 'Trinity College'.



Cornus 'Eddies White Wonder'

A superb, upright small tree with glossy dark green leaves that turn red and purple in autumn. Large white flowers in spring make a fantastic show. This tree will tolerate some shade if your garden is not south facing. Considered the best of the white Cornus.



Acer griseum (Paper Bark Maple)

This small tree is a classic, the dark cinnamon coloured pealing bark is a wonderful sight that improves as the tree ages. Slow growing so patience is needed to get the full effect. Lovely autumn leaf colour.



Sorbus Dodong 'Olympic Flame'

For the most reliable and dazzling autumn colour this is the tree to plant. 'Olympic Flame' has a robust, columnar shape with graceful fern-like leaves that go from dark green to striking orange in autumn. Bright orange berries are a favourite of birds. A worthy addition to any garden.