Marketing Materials for Garden Centres

We are constantly looking for ways in which we can help our garden centre customers develop their sales of trees by providing information which is of interest to their own staff and to the enthusiastic gardener.

With colourful photography and diagrams, comprehensive descriptions and cultural instructions, our extensive range of materials will brighten up the tree area and help customers find their perfect tree.


We can currenlty supply:

  • Weather proof, informative A2 posters.
  • White descriptive tag labels, complete with garden centre name and Trees for Life® logo.
  • Large colour labels.
  • Informative bedcards.
  • Handy guides for gardeners.


All completely free of charge when added to a wholesale order.

In addition to all of these free point of sales materials, we can also supply packs of Trees for your Garden books by Nick Dunn (RRP £14.99), this is an exceptional reference book with beautiful photographs and very comprehensive descriptions, click here for more information.

A2 Posters


Handy guides for gardeners