Top 5 Apples for Juicing

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A delicious, early dessert apple with an unusual pink 'rosette' pattern in the flesh.

Makes a superb, full flavoured sweet juice that is a delightful ruby red. Reliably wins tasting competitions when compared with other juices.

A compact, easy tree to grow and a good cropper. Wonderful to eat fresh off the tree or make juice.

 (Worcestershire 2005)

Herefordshire Russet ®

Exceptional, rich aromatic flavour, this apple makes one of the very best juices. Light and refreshing with a hint of Cox.

This variety will crop well most years and is very disease resistant. The apples keep well too so can be pressed late into autumn.

(Kent 2002)


Tickled Pink ®

The best of the full red-fleshed varieties with a  strong, well rounded flavour. Suitable for juicing, eating or cooking. The juice also makes an excellent blender to add colour and depth to other juice varieties.

A good grower with a very attractive deep pink blossom. Ripens in September and keeps well for at least a month.

(Germany 2005)

Bramley's Seedling

 This popular cooking apple makes an excellent sharp juice and is often used in a blend with sweeter apples to provide a full, rich flavour. Bramleys are sometimes used to make cider too.

 For the garden we would recommend Bramley 20 which is a little less vigorous and produces heavier crops. The apples keep well so can be used well into winter.

(Nottinghamshire 1820)

Red Windsor ®

One of the best dessert apples and excellent for making juice. Red Windsor is a self-fertile, disease resistant variety with a deep red skin and lovely flavour.

A compact growing tree that reliably produces a good yield every year. It is also a good pollinator for other varieties.

(Hereford 1985)