Trees grown in containers - our Patio Collection

Many trees, both fruit and ornamental, are suitable for growing in containers.

For smaller gardens, patio areas or specially designed garden rooms, keeping trees in containers is an ideal way to enjoy the structure, colour and fruit that trees provide without taking up too much space. Patio trees are even perfectly happy on a balcony.

Growing trees in pots gives you the added flexibility of being able to rearrange them, plus you can take them with you if you move house - a real bonus for those who rent! Some less hardy trees, such as dwarf peaches, also really benefit from being moved into a greenhouse in the winter then being brought out on show for the summer.



In response to the increasing interest in patio trees we have expanded our range so the choice has never been greater, and we are continually on the look out for more excellent varieties. To help plant buyers easily identify them in garden centres, they are presented in a terracotta style pot to mark them out from our usual black pot range.



Most fruit trees can be grafted or budded onto dwarfing rootstocks which holds the tree back from getting too big. All the best apple varieties such as Cox, Scrumptious, Red Windsor or Christmas Pippin are grown on the M27 rootstock so the trees will never grow more than about 6ft high whilst still producing a good basket of apples to enjoy every autumn.

For pears we use the reliable dwarfing rootstock Quince ‘C’ and for cherries there is the new Gisela 5 rootstock which has proven to increase yields. A satisfactory dwarfing rootstock for plums has yet to be developed so we wouldn’t advise keeping these in containers – yet.

And the choice of Ornamental Patio Trees includes everything from pretty spring flowering cherries to evergreen cotoneasters to autumn fruiting crab apples, offering a stunning display of colours, shapes and textures to choose from to create interest in your garden all year round.


Looking after Patio Trees

  • Pot Size - the 'Patio' pots we supply are fine for the first year but thereafter we advise potting on to a half barrel or similar sized container - approx 40L capacity is ideal for most specimens.
  • Watering - during summer months it is essential that the pots are kept well watered, trees in pots can dry out quickly so a little water every day is ideal, and if you go on holiday do ask someone to pop round and water your pots whilst you are away!
  • Feeding - trees in pots will benefit from some fertiliser, spring is the best time to add this when the growth is fresh and vigorous. A general purpose liquid feed is fine and/or slow release fertiliser pellets sprinkled on the top of the soil in the pot.
  • Pruning - most Patio trees will require little pruning as they do not have a great deal of vigour, however, as with all trees some light pruning may be beneficial: pinching out tips of fresh growth and cutting off any dieback is sensible. Some varieties will have individual pruning requirements, for example Prunus 'Frilly Frock' is better if pruned hard after flowering. If unsure, check the variety page on our website.
  • Weeding - keeping containers free of weeds aided by a bit of mulching will help the trees flourish. We would not advise planting lots of flowers etc. in with the tree as they will compete for water and nutrients.
  • Staking - most Patio trees will not need any support but a good cane in the pot for apples on M27 will help prevent the trees leaning over if they produce a heavy crop of fruit.


Fruit Trees in our 'Patio Collection'

Apple (Malus) Ashmeads Kernel

Apple (Malus) Blenheim Orange

Apple (Malus) Bountiful

Apple (Malus) Braeburn

Apple (Malus) Bramley 20

Apple (Malus) Bramley 'Original'

Apple (Malus) Bramley's Seedling

Apple (Malus) Charles Ross

Apple (Malus) Christmas Pippin ®

Apple (Malus) Cobra

Apple (Malus) Cox Self Fertile

Apple (Malus) Discovery

Apple (Malus) Egremont Russet

Apple (Malus) Fiesta

Apple (Malus) Greensleeves

Apple (Malus) Herefordshire Russet ®

Apple (Malus) James Grieve

Apple (Malus) Jumbo

Apple (Malus) Jupiter

Apple (Malus) Katy

Apple (Malus) Laxton's Superb

Apple (Malus) Limelight

Apple (Malus) Lord Lambourne

Apple (Malus) Red Devil

Apple (Malus) Red Falstaff ®

Apple (Malus) Red Windsor ®

Apple (Malus) Rosette™

Apple (Malus) Santana ®

Apple (Malus) Scrumptious ®

Apple (Malus) Sunset

Apple (Malus) TICKLED PINK Baya® Marisa

Apple (Malus) Winter Gem

Apple (Malus) Worcester Pearmain

Cherry (Prunus) Celeste ®

Cherry (Prunus) Kordia

Cherry (Prunus) Lapins `Cherokee`

Cherry (Prunus) Merton Glory

Cherry (Prunus) Meteor Korai

Cherry (Prunus) Morello

Cherry (Prunus) Penny ®

Cherry (Prunus) Stella

Cherry (Prunus) Summer Sun

Cherry (Prunus) Sunburst

Cherry (Prunus) Sweetheart ®

Pear (Pyrus) Beth

Pear (Pyrus) Beurre Hardy

Pear (Pyrus) Concorde ®

Pear (Pyrus) Conference

Pear (Pyrus) Doyenne du Comice

Pear (Pyrus) Humbug (Stripy)

Pear (Pyrus) Invincible delwinor fertilia ®

Pear (Pyrus) Merton Pride

Pear (Pyrus) Onward

Pear (Pyrus) Sensation

Pear (Pyrus) 'Williams' Bon Chrétien'


Ornamental Trees in our 'Patio Collection'

Acer pal Beni-Schichihenge

Acer pal Crimson Queen

Acer pal Dissectum

Acer pal Enkan

Acer pal Garnet

Acer pal Katsura

Acer pal Kinshi

Acer pal Orange Dream

Acer pal Osakazuki

Acer pal Pixie

Acer pal Sango Kaku

Acer pal Seiryu

Acer pal Suminagashi

Acer pal Tamukeyama

Acer pal Trompenburg

Acer shirasawanum Autumn Moon

Acer shirasawasnum Aureum

Malus Admiration (Adirondack)

Malus Coralburst

Malus Butterball

Malus Evereste

Malus Gorgeous

Malus Pink Glow

Malus Pink Perfection

Malus tor sar Tina

Malus x rob Red Sentinel

Cotoneaster sal Repens

Cotoneaster x sue Coral Beauty

Cotoneaster x sue Juliette

Prunus Frilly Frock

Prunus Okame

Prunus Pandora


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