Top 10 Best Selling Apples

1. Scrumptious ®

A very special apple! Delicious, self fertile, frost hardy when in flower, disease resistant, thin skinned so ideal for children. Pick early Sept. Store until October. (EATING)


2. Cox Self Fertile

This popular eating apple has heavy crops year after year. Excellent flavour. Pick early October. Store until January. (EATING)


3. Red Falstaff

Fruity, well balanced flavour, crisp and juicy. Frost resistant and self fertile. Pick early October. Store until March. (EATING)


4. Discovery

Good flavoured and early ripening. Sweet and crisp. Pretty red skin and white flesh. Pick mid August. (EATING)


5. Christmas Pippin

An exceptional high quality eating apple. Christmas Pippin flowers and crops heavily and the apples keep well until Christmas. (EATING)


6. Red Windsor ®

Superb Cox type flavour and very heavy crops. Pick & eat straight from tree mid September. Store until October. (EATING)


7. James Grieve

Excellent dual purpose variety with great taste. Red flush stripes over pale green. Pick early September. Store until October. (COOKING/EATING)


8. Bramley 20

A compact version of Bramley’s Seedling – 20% less vigorous with heavier crops. Still the best cooking apple. Pick in early October. Store until March. (COOKING)


9. Red Devil ®

Superb fruity strawberry flavour. Makes an excellent pink juice. Disease resistant. Pick late September. Store until December. (EATING)


10. Herefordshire Russet ®

Exceptional eating quality with a rich, nutty flavour. Heavy cropping. Pick in early October. Store until January. (EATING)