Top 10 Best Selling Ornamental Malus

1. Malus Jelly King ®

Spectacular large orange-pink fruit. Strong white blossom covers this vigorous but compact tree in Spring. Makes excellent pink jelly.


2. Malus tor Scarlett ®

A superb 'all seasons tree'. The rich pink blossom contrasts well with the emerging purple, deeply lobed leaves turning to dark glossy green in the summer and then rich scarlet with purple tints in the Autumn.


3. Malus x rob Red Sentinel

A classic crab apple with decorative red fruit. Profuse white blossom and scented flowers. A lovely winter tree and a true bird feeder from nature.


4. Malus x zum Golden Hornet

Small compact tree with an upright habit. Large white flowers flushed pink followed by a large crop of bright yellow fruit.


5. Malus Laura ®

A naturally dwarf tree with an upright habit. Stunning pink and white flowers and persistent large, round maroon fruit perfect for the best crab apple jelly.


6. Malus John Downie

Attractive white apple blossom during April and large bright orange and red pear-shaped fruits in the autumn. Very good for crab apple jelly.


7. Malus Evereste ®

A conical tree with dark green lobed leaves and large soft pink flowers April to May. Small red-yellow fruits holding well into winter. An excellent pollinator for apples.


8. Malus Gorgeous

A small compact tree with pure white scented apple blossom flowers. Glossy red fruits which persist into November ideal for tangy pink crab apple jelly. Disease resistant.


9. Malus brevipes Wedding Bouquet

A lovely and charming species with long tapered, dark green, healthy leaves. Single shell-shaped ivory white flowers and profuse clusters of dark red fruits. Disease resistant.


10. Malus Cardinal

A beautiful foliage and flowering tree, laden with large, intense pink, sumptuous blossoms early in the season. Foliage is glossy red all summer with small, deep red fruits in autumn.