Top 10 Best Selling Unusual Fruit Trees

1. Mulberry Chelsea (King James I)

Small, attractive garden tree. Black/red fruits with intensely rich flavour and excellent quality. A rich history back to King James I. Pick in August. (COOKING/EATING)


2. Gage Old Greengage

Selected for its excellent old fashioned flavour. Partially Self Fertile. Pick in August. (EATING)


3. Quince Meech's Prolific

Large pear shaped fruit, yellow when ripe and large subtle pink flowers. Self fertile. Pick in October. Store until December. (COOKING)


4. Damson Merryweather

A large plum sized damson with exceptional flavour. Reliable heavy crops. Self Fertile. Pick in Late September. (COOKING/EATING)


5. Walnut Broadview

Currently the best form for the UK. Fruit production at a very early age and slightly resistant to frost. Compact tree with large, nutritious fruit. Self fertile.



6. Medlar Nottingham

An attractive and productive tree of great character, flat topped, with a spreading semi-weeping habit. Fruit should be eaten when over ripe. Self Fertile. Pick in October. (COOKING/EATING)


7. Peach Peregrine

The best peach to grow in Britain. Exceptionally rich, intense flavour and very prolific. Self Fertile. Pick in August. (EATING)


8. Apricot Tomcot ®

Produces masses of flowers and very large fruit with a strong red blush on an orange background. Intense apricot flavour. Self fertile. Pick in Late July. (EATING)


9. Mirabelle Golden Sphere ®

Large yellow almost translucent fruit are a spectacular sight. Firm, delicious plum flavour. Pick in Late August. (COOKING/EATING)


10. Almond Ingrid

This is the most reliable cropper of the selected varieties with stunning white blossom in Spring. Reasonable leaf curl resistance in most areas. Self Fertile. Pick in September.