Organic Apples

The following are the best varieties for UK organic growing.

Continual harvest from August to October and natural storage to March.

Some scab will be present at times if no sprays are used.

Picking Order Dessert Pick - Eat
Epicure Eat from the tree fast ! Aug - Aug
Discovery Very scab resistant. Good if left to mature on the tree Aug - Aug
Fortune Good flavour over a short period Sep - Sep
Red Windsor An early Cox type with intense aromatic flavour. Sep - Oct
Limelight A new heavy yielding green apple with excellent skin finish. Sep - Oct
Charles Ross Evenly sized and naturally large, good quality. Sep - Oct
Red Devil Good size and heavy yields. Pink Juice, very scab resistant. Sep - Nov
Saturn Very scab resistant, light on flavour, very heavy yields. Oct - Dec
Ashmeads Kernel Traditional semi russet with intense acid drop aroma. Oct - Jan
Herefordshire Russet A new introduction,superb aromatic flavour. Good Storage. Oct - Jan
Rajka Highly disease resistant, firm, juicy, mildly aromatic. Oct - Dec
Ribston Pippin Flavour is superb but develops late. Oct - Dec
Adams Pearmain An attractive apple with a rich colour and predominant lenticels. Oct - Feb
Orleans Reinette Very clean, aromatic and nutty. Oct - Dec
Pinova Firm, Keeps very well, exceptional quality Nov - March