Top 10 Best Selling Pears

1. Conference

Very tasty and juicy. Crops well every year. Green/yellow fruit with brown-red flush. Self fertile. Pick in Late September. Store until November. (EATING)


2. Concorde ®

Heavy cropping, good flavour and juicy. Compact garden tree which is self-fertile. Pick in late September. Store until November. (EATING)


3. Williams' Bon Chretien

Medium to large. Very juicy and sweet flesh.Regular cropper Pick in late August Store until September. (EATING)


4. Invincible ® delwinor

Tough, Hardy and Self Fertile. ideal as a pollinator. Pick in mid September. Store until November. (COOKING/EATING)


5. Doyenne du Comice

Med/large fruit with rich flavour Superb quality - Needs a good pollinator. Pick October. Store until November. (EATING)


6. Humbug ®

A unique and unusual green, yellow and pink striped pear. Sweet and juicy texture. Ideal for table decoration. Pick in early October. Store until February. (COOKING/EATING)


7. Onward

Excellent quality pear, reliable even in years of spring frost.Sweet and juicy. Pick in early September. Store until October. (EATING)


8. Beth

Small, sweet, juicy flesh. Good cropper. Excellent garden variety. Pick in early September. (EATING)


9. Beurre Hardy

Large fruits with yellow skin with brown/red flush.Juicy. Regular cropper. Pick in late September. Store until October. (EATING)


10. Black Worcester

Large, dark green almost wholly covered with brown russet. Crisp, coarse, juicy flesh. Pick in late October. Store until February. (COOKING)