Heritage Gage Trees (Pre 1900)

Variety Origin and Year

Coe's Golden Drop Suffolk 18th C

Green Gage x Dame Aubert. Large, yellow gage, ovalshaped with a long neck. Good quality for fresh eating or preserving. It is supposed to be stored in good condition for many months by hanging in a dry place or wrapping in tissue paper, according to Lindley’s ‘Guide to the Orchard’.


Denniston's Superb USA 19th C

The most reliable cropping gage. Transparent sweet flesh with red flushed skin. High yields. Recommended for Midlands and Northern regions. Average quality.


Early Transparent Hertfordshire 19th C

A most unusual gage with very sweet golden melting flesh. Large with an attractive red cheek. Regular cropper.


Jefferson USA 19th C

A medium, round, yellow gage, very sweet. A hardy selection suitable for open areas and northern districts. Pollinated by Denniston’s Superb.


Reine Claude de Bavay Belgium 1832

This variety is the same as the imported gages we see in the shops. A very reliable cropper and if allowed to ripen on the tree is well flavoured.


Violet 1780

This is an unusual ‘purple’ gage of excellent dessert flavour, round medium fruit, clingstone. Partially self fertile.