Planting by the Seaside

As well as coping with more wind and higher average temperatures than those inland, seaside gardens need to cope with high salt content of the air and soil.

Plants with tough, waxy leaves and grey foliage often withstand seaside conditions well.

Acer pseudoplatanus
Arbutus unedo and cultivars
Castanea sativa
Cotoneaster (many)
Crataegus (all)
Cytisus (all)
Eucalyptus (all)
Fraxinus excelsior and cultivars
Ilex aquifolium and cultivars
Pinus radiata
Populus tremula
Quercus cerris
Quercus cerris.ilex,robur
Quercus robur
Salix (most)
Sorbus aria and cultivars,acuparia and cultivars