Trees adapted to acid soils

Many plants are well adapted to dry, acid soil which is usually easy to work and has the advantage of being quick to warm up early in the year.

The fertility of acid soils can be improved with the addition of organic matter, so if you are starting a new garden in these conditions, select plants from the list below at the outset then include other trees after a few seasons of soil improvement.

Remember to water trees well and mulch heavily.

Acer ginnala, negundo and cultivars
Betula (all)
Castanea (all)
Cercis (all)
Cotoneaster (all)
Enkianthus (all)
Fothergilla (all)
Gleditsia (all)
Halesia (all)
Hamamelis (all)
Ilex aquilifolium & cultivar
Nyssa (all)
Pinus (all)
Populus (all)
Pseudolarix (all)
Robinia (all)
Stewartia (all)