Trees for Chalk Soils

Chalk soils have a very high lime content so can be harmful to many trees.

That being said, calcium and magnesium limestone in the wild supports a very diverse range of plants so the gardener need not be entirely defeated by theses conditions.

Chalk is more difficult when there is only a shallow layer of soil above the rock since this leads to soil drying out quickly.

Attempts to fight nature by planting your favourites will almost certainly fail.

The best advice is to go with the flow by choosing from the list below of varieties known to be happy in these situations.

Acer (most)
Aesculus (all)
Carpinus betulus & cultivars
Cercis siliquastrum
Cornus mas & cultivars
Cotoneaster (all)
Crataegus (all)
Euonymus (all)
Fagus sylvatica & cultivars
Fraxinus excelsior & cultivars
Prunus (most)
Sambucus (all)
Sorbus aria & cultivars
Sorbus hybrida & cultivars
Syringa (all)
Taxus baccata & cultivars
Thuja plicata