Trees for clay soils

Clay soil is sticky and unworkable when it is wet and as hard as concrete when dry.

However, clay is often fertile and if properly worked can provide an excellent home.

Care should be given to providing good drainage.

Acer (all)
Aesculus (all)
Alnus (all)
Aronia (all)
Betula (all)
Carpinus (all)
Cornus (all)
Corylus (all)
Cotinus (all)
Cotoneaster (all)
Crataegus (all)
Cytisus (all)
Eucalyptus (all)
Fraxinus (all)
Hamamelis (all)
Ilex (all)
Laburnum (all)
Larix (all)
Magnolia (all)
Malus (all)
Pinus (all)
Platinus (all)
Populus (all)
Prunus (all)
Quercus (all)
Salix (all)
Sorbus (all)
Taxodium (all)
Taxus (all)
Thujia (all)
Tilia (all)