Trees for Cold Exposed Areas

Many of us have become familiar with the idea of a wind chill factor.

This affects trees as much as it does us, so finding trees that can withstand icy blasts is important, not least because the soil in such spots is also often very cold or even frozen, leaving the tree to struggle for moisture from the ground as it loses extra moisture through its leaves.

Thankfully a good selection of evergreens and many deciduous trees come to our rescue.

Acer pseudoplatanus and cultivars
Betula (most)
Cotinus coggygria & cultivars
Crataegus monogyna and cultivars
Fagus (all)
Fraxinus excelsior and cultivars
Ginkgo biloba
Laburnum (all)
Populus tremula
Quercus robur and cultivars
Salix (all)
Sorbus aria & cultivars, aucuparia and cultivars
Taxus baccata and cultivars
Tilia cordata and cultivars