Fruit - Bare Root Specifications



Topped at 75cm as maiden trees and grown on in the second year with a minimum of 3 branches and an evenly balanced shape on a clean stem of 0.5m.

Minimum height 1.10m


Trained Cordon

Two year trees with a trained central leader, spur pruned 3-4 times over 2 growing seasons to produce well developed fruit bearing spurs at 0.40m and above with a dominant central leader.

Minimm height 1.20m.


Half Standard

Topped at 1.35-1.45m as a maiden tree and grown on in the second year to produce an evenly balanced shape on a clean stem of 0.80m and a minimum of 3 branches.

Minimum height 1.60m



One year fruit trees from 1m to 2.5m depending on type, variety and rootstock and feathered (branched) or unfeathered (whip) according to variety.

Minimum height: 1.5m


Straight Lead

A feather two year tree 'run on' from a maiden in the second year producing a straight stem and branches (according to variety) above 0.90m. Ideal for growing on into a standard tree.

Minimum height 2m(Note: a few low vigour heritage varieties may be shorter).


Spindle/Knip bushes

Well branched 'commercial grade' trees for orchard planting of apple and cherry trees on dwarf rootstocks M9 and Gisela 5/6 respectively. These trees are grown in the nursery in such way as to produce wide angles branches at the optimum height for establishing cropping laterals in the first year of planting, including a strong central leader for training into the 'A' or 'spindle' shaped tree.




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