Trees for Celebrations and Memorials

Trees alive today are the oldest living things on earth: as ancient as the remains of the oldest civilisations yet still growing.

This unique longevity has meant that mankind has always turned to trees (and representations of trees) as living metaphors for matters spiritual, and as markers for memorial.

Given the massive environmental benefits which even a single small tree trigers, there can be no finer way to mark the important stages in our lives than to plant a tree.



To celebrate a birth:


A Christian symbol of sweetness and goodness, and an emblem of the infant Jesus.



The tree of good luck and protection.



For the Chinese, symbolic of youth, good fortune, and long life.



A traditional symbol of health, fortune and hope. In rural Switzerland a pear tree was planted on the birth of a baby girl.


Sweet Chestnut

In Christianity a symbol of goodness, chastity and triumph over tempation.


To mark a marriage:


Known as the "venus of the forest" and long associated with love.



Known as the trysting tree, where lovers met and into which messages of love were carved.



Associated with laughter and fun. Garlands of lime were woven for Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sensual love and beauty.



A very sacred tree, seen as the symbol of fertility for centuries.



Associated with love, marriage and childbirth by the Greeks.


To commemorate a loved one:


Long associated in the Christian tradition with the holy spirit.



The tree of sorrow and death in many European nations.



Revered in many parts of the world as a symbol of immortality.



In China, Pine trees were planted on graves. It represents longevity, courage and faithfulness.



In many cultures as well as in the Christian tradition, symbolic of immortality.


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