List of Varieties Introduced by Frank P Matthews

Over the years we have helped to introduce many special varieties of trees to the garden centre market.

Some of these have come from our own breeding programmes, others have arisen through our close partnerships with individual breeders, plant enthusiasts and specialist nurseries. Some have remained exclusive to us whilst others are now grown by other nurseries too. Occasionally a chance find by a member of the public can produce a variety worth propagating, other varieties have been developed through years of sophisticated breeding programmes.

The list below is not exhaustive but provides a broad picture of the excellent range of trees we have recognised as worth promoting and then introduced to the gardening public.


Apple Bramley 20

Apple Broadholme Beauty

Apple Christmas Pippin

Apple Cobra

Apple Core Blimey

Apple Herefordshire Russet

Apple Limelight

Apple Little Pax

Apple Red Devil

Apple Red Falstaff

Apple Red Windsor

Apple Rosette

Apple Samba

Apple Scrumptious

Apple Tickled Pink

Apricot Golden Glow

Cherry Celeste

Cherry Meteor Korai

Cherry Penny

Cherry Skeena

Cherry Stardust

Cherry Summer Sun

Cherry Sweetheart

Damson Sweet Prune

Gage Stella’s Star

Miracot Aprimira

Mirabelle Countess

Mirabelle Golden Sphere

Mirabelle Gypsy

Mirabelle Ruby

Peach Gorgeous

Pear Benita

Pear Celebration

Plum Haganta

Plum Guinevere

Plum Toptaste

Quince Serbian Gold



Acer platanoides SENSATION

Acer rubrum Brandywine

Betula pendula Fastigiata Joes

Betula utilis Moonbeam

Betula utilis Snow Queen

Laburnum Famous Walk

Malus Adirondack ADMIRATION

Malus Candymint

Malus Cardinal

Malus Dr Campbells

Malus Indian Magic

Malus Jelly King

Malus Laura

Malus Marbles

Malus Rosehip

Malus Scarlett

Malus Wedding Bouquet

Malus White Star

Prunus Frilly Frock

Prunus Horinjii

Prunus Royal Burgundy

Prunus Tiltstone Hellfire

Sorbus Amber Light

Sorbus Glen White Baby

Sorbus Glendoick Spire

Sorbus Olympic Flame

Sorbus Pink Pagoda

Sorbus Vilmorinii Pink Charm


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