Fruit - Container

12L Bush

These are grown with a 0.45m clear stem, caned with a central leader and well developed side branches. They are summer pruned to form a well balanced and shaped head. This also stimulates maximum flowering the following spring.

Minimum height: 1.5m


12L Half Standard

A two year tree. Grown in the field to maiden stage followed by final year as container grown. A minimum of 3 branches and summer pruned (according to variety) to form an evenly balanced shape with a clear stem of 0.8m.


12L Traditional & Duo Cordons

Grown in the field for 2 years with the final year as container grown. This growing cycle involves 4-6 pruning operations to develop short spur bearing branches from 0.4m upwards with a dominant central leader.



This section generally contains the more specialist fruit items such as hazel, filberts and smaller size options of medlars, mulberries, peaches, nectarines and apricots. In each case the balance and shape of the tree is proportionate to pot size and variety vigour and habit.


11.5L/8.5L Patio Fruit Trees

Shaped by summer pruning to produce a compact bush proportional to the pot size, variety vigour and habit, minimum 3 branches. Where possible, very dwarf rootstocks are used such as M27 (apple), Quince C (pear) and Gisela 5 (cherry).

Minimum height 1m.


10L Step Overs (apples and pears only)

This form of trained tree is not new as it was often a familiar sight in Victorian gardens. With the use of modern dwarf rootstocks such as M27 for apples and Quince C for pears this form of lawn and border fruit tree is ideal for the smaller modern garden. They are offered in 10L pots with a supported cane framework and a single tier at 0.45m x 0.50m high x 0.9m wide. This will produce fruit in the first year of planting.


12L Espalier and Fan Trained Fruit

Pre trained in the field or container for two year's followed by a third year as a container grown complete with an 'A' frame cane support. Reasonably symmeric in shape, fans will have a minimum 5 shoots, espalier a minimum of 2 tiers with a central leader. Minimum height and width 1m x 1m.



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