Keeping Trees in Pots

Many trees, both fruit and ornamental, are suitable for growing in containers.


Look out for the patio symbol on our coloured tree labels, information guides, books and website which represents trees that are suitable for growing in containers. 


Pot Size

The 'Patio' pots we supply are fine for the first year but thereafter we advise potting in to a half barrel or similar sized container - approx 40L capacity is ideal for most specimens.


During summer months it is essential that the pots are kept well watered. A little water every day will keep the tree healthy, and if you go on holiday do ask someone to pop round and water your pots whilst you are away!


Trees in pots will benefit from some fertiliser, spring is the best time to add this when the growth is fresh and vigorous. A general purpose liquid feed is fine and/or slow release fertiliser pellets sprinkled on the top of the soil in the pot.



Most Patio trees will require little pruning as they do not have a great deal of vigour, however, as with all trees some light pruning may be beneficial.  Pinching out tips of fresh growth and cutting off any dieback is sensible. Some varieties will have individual pruning requirements.


Keeping containers free of weeds aided by a bit of mulching will help the trees flourish. We would not advise planting lots of flowers in with the tree as they will compete for water and nutrients.


Most Patio trees will not need any support but a good cane in the pot for apples on M27 will help prevent the trees leaning over if they produce a heavy crop of fruit.


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