Agroforestry Projects

Agroforestry is farming with or between trees

This isn’t a new concept and has been practiced for thousands of years though more common place in Europe where farmers are cropping fruit trees and livestock together. In the UK agroforestry is an emerging innovation providing multiple benefits for the farmer looking at new enterprises that can complement an existing farm system whilst making use of the sun’s energy to produce additional cropping and income – 3D farming.


Agroforestry can be used for single or multiple purposes, providing fruit, timber and resource protection for soils and water. There are many benefits of planting trees on farms including healthier soils and higher yields of both arable and pastoral crops. Whether grown as inter-row cropping or producing shelter belts this mixed type of farming can lead to an increase of beneficial natural habitats, soil stability boosting productivity and increasing yields.


Many different trees can be used for agroforestry projects, the most common being top fruit and hazel trees. We would recommend the following Agroforestry Handbook which is very informative. The Agroforestry Handbook (


For information on rootstock selection, planting distances and yields please see here.


Our working farm in Cambridge provides a direct resource for us to benchmark data and farming practice so our team can tailor an agroforestry system for your farm. Please call, or email: to discuss your own specific requirements.

For general enquiries please call: Stephen Briggs on 07855 341309 or Ian Knight on 07775 842444 or send an email to: 

















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