Spring Blossom Photo Competition Winner!

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Thank you to all who entered the competition, we were amazed at the number of entries! Below you'll see the winning photo and a few of our favourites...


 Winning Photo

Congratulations to Godfrey Pitt,
photographer of the competition-winning photo.


 Second Prize

Congratulations to John Abbiss who wins second

prize for this lovely, detailed blossom photo.



            Prunus Rhexii - Ethan Peters


         Prunus  Pendula Plena Rosea -                                   Anna Cheng

                      John Abbiss

                   Prunus blossom -                                                Helen Ortlepp

                   Prunus blossom -                                                  Lorna Maskell

                        Godfrey Pitt

                    Katherine P-K

                  Mary Panton-Kent

               Amelanchier blossom -                                         Maurice Bracher

       Prunus Kiku-shidare-Zakura -                        Louise Ingram



                      Prunus blossom -                                               Christine Ross




                Prunus Kojo-no-mai -                                               Jacqui Cable