New 2500 sqm Keder Greenhouse Installed

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A new tunnel capable of holding over 8000 trees has been added to our container unit. Supplied and built by Keder Greenhouse based near Evesham, it will be used as an additional growing area during the summer months and also for an extra dispatch area through the winter.

An open-sided tunnel provides excellent growing conditions for our trees, giving extra protection without the higher temperatures of a fully enclosed space. This enables the trees to harden off properly whilst at the same time encouraging excellent leaf quality and form.

Keder greenhouse were asked to install a 12 bay multi-span tree canopy 2500m², being of greater height than standard, 5m to the ridge, to allow for optimum air circulation. Wind resist was a factor to be considered at this height, but with Keder’ s experience of building in the Highlands of Scotland the wind braced structural design was one they had developed over many years of building in harsh climates.

The total project took 6 weeks to complete which along with other investments on the nursery will enable an increase in production as the demand for their trees continues to grow.

2500sqm Tunnel