7 Stunning Trees for Winter Bark

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Acer Griseum (Paper Bark Maple)

A classic, small, specimen tree for gardens.

Rich, brown, flaking bark with cinnamon tones underneath.

Looks stunning in winter sunshine.

Leaves have good autumn colour too.

Prunus serrula (Tibetan Cherry)

Impressive, glistening, mahogany, peeling bark.

Upright growth when young then spreading with age.

Dainty white flowers appear in April.


 Acer x conspicuum 'Phoenix'

Coral-red winter shoots and striated bark.

Small upright tree, striking in borders.


 Betula utilis 'Snow Queen'

Exceptional tree with lovely white stem within three years.

Ideal for planting as a specimen or in multi-stem clumps.

Strong yellow autumn tints in the leaves.


 Tilia cordata 'Winter Orange'

A compact Lime with dazzling orange-red stems in winter.

Best if pruned hard in March or April to keep small and encourage bright new growth.


 Acer davidii VIPER

A fine featured and robust snakebark with dynamic white and green striated bark.

Grows happily in most conditions including poor soil.


 Betula albosinensis 'Red Panda'

A superb strong growing form with early peeling bark exposing grey and purple shades underneath.

An unusual and striking garden tree.