Would you love to see your garden full of spring blossom, autumn colour or stocked with delicious fruit trees?

Our experienced team at Frank P Matthews Landscapes can design, construct and plant on any scale – from courtyards to orchards and arboretums.

Trees provide the structure, focus and framework for our outdoor spaces and the fantastic range we grow means there is a perfect tree for every space.

We will listen to your requirements and create unique designs to fulfil the potential in your landscape, sourcing every kind of plant – not just our homegrown trees. You can even come and have a walk around and hand pick your plants from our Tree Shop.

Our services include:

­čî▓Garden design and construction

­čî│Supply and planting

­čî▓On-site consultations

­čî│Garden aftercare



­čî▓Woodland and forestry

­čî│Grounds maintenance

Our team can do the hard work for you!

If you are interested in landscaping your garden, do give us a call on 01584 812804 or email

Our recent admission into the British Association of Landscape Industries has gained us industry wide recognition for the quality of work produced by our Landscapes Department. From expert advice with orchard management to a full garden design experience, our Landscapes Department is proud to gain this recognition for the quality of work being produced.