Fruit Trees – Bare Root Specifications


We grow a variety of bare root fruit trees in …

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How to Plant a Container Tree


Container trees can be planted at any time of the …

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Hazel, Cobnuts, Walnuts and Chestnuts


Commercial nut growing is increasing in popularity particularly as a …

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Rootstock, Contract Growing and Grafting Services

We recognise that sometimes, though we speculatively produce trees to …

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Apricots, Peaches and Nectarines

We act as exclusive agents for Gräb Nursery in Germany. …

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Fruit Trees for Juice and Added Value

Whether planted as a small farm shop operation, pick your …

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Elder was once only thought of as a hedgerow and …

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Agroforestry Projects

Agroforestry is farming with or between trees. It is more …

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Cider and Perry

We grow a selection of the most popular cider and …

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Plums, Gages, Damsons and Mirabelles

Plums are embarking on a new phase of opportunity after …

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Tree Planting Distances

These planting distances are approximate.  There are many factors involved …

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Sweet and Sour Cherries


UK Sweet Cherry Production UK cherry production is a major …

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Pick Your Own – variety selection and range


When considering a pick your own venture, spread of picking, …

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Commercial Apples, Pears and Pollinators


We list here just the core commercial varieties available as …

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Our European Partners


In order to bring the most up to date varieties …

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Scion Fruits

Scion Fruits is Britain’s most forward thinking top fruit breeding …

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Harvesting and Storing Fruit


When harvesting and storing fruit a lot is dependent on …

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How to Prune Ornamental Trees


Many ornamental trees will require no pruning at all and …

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Heritage Fruit Trees


Heritage fruit trees come in a fantastic array of mouth-watering …

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Tree Hardiness


There is an internationally recognised rating for tree hardiness based …

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Traditional Standard Orchards

The below information gives some important practical advice to achieve …

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Complete Nursery Service for Top Fruit Growers

We offer a complete nursery service for top fruit growers …

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Ornamental Trees – Container Specifications

We grow a variety of ornamental container trees in various …

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Trees For Birds


Trees of this kind is often not only very pleasing …

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