• Hessian Gift Bag

    Hessian Gift Bag



    Our luxury hessian gift bags are perfect when gifting a tree to your loved one.

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  • Natural Tree Feed



    1L bottle of liquid concentrate tree feed to encourage strong root growth and stimulate soil microbes.

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  • Rootgrow™

    Rootgrow™ 60g Satchet



    Rootgrow™ mycorrhizal fungi for stronger trees, just sprinkle evenly into the planting hole.

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  • Rootgrow™ 360g Gel



    Mycorrhizal fungi with dipping gel for bare root plants. Can treat 35-50 5-6ft bare root trees.

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  • Tree Planting Kit



    All your tree planting essentials, including stake, tie, guard and rootgrow sachet.

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  • Ecomatt Bio



    Biodegradable weed prevention mat, made using natural occurring materials. 50cm x 50cm with 4x pegs

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