The Best Crab Apple Varieties For Your Garden

Frank P. Matthews is renowned for its extensive collection of crab apple trees, each offering unique characteristics that make them stand out. From vibrant blossoms to ornamental fruits, these varieties not only enhance the aesthetics of any garden but also contribute to the biodiversity and ecological balance by attracting pollinators. This article delves into some of the best crab apple varieties from Frank P. Matthews, exploring their aesthetic appeal, adaptability, and the roles they play in both garden design and the broader ecosystem.

Introduction to Crab Apple Varieties

Crab apples, with their stunning floral displays and colourful fruit, are indispensable in ornamental gardening. They add a burst of life to any landscape, with varieties suited to a wide range of climates and garden sizes. Frank P. Matthews, with its commitment to quality and diversity, offers some of the most exquisite crab apple varieties available today.

Top Crab Apple Varieties from Frank P. Matthews

Malus ‘Profusion Improved’

Malus ‘Profusion Improved’ is an exceptional variety known for its abundant maroon-red blossoms that later give way to deep, burgundy fruits. Its striking foliage, which transitions from purple to green as the season progresses, provides a dramatic backdrop to its vibrant flowers. This variety’s robust nature and stunning colour palette make it a standout choice for adding depth and contrast to garden landscapes.

Malus ‘Halloween’

Malus ‘Halloween’ is an intriguing addition to the Frank P. Matthews collection, celebrated for its distinctive ornamental qualities that set it apart from more traditional crab apple varieties. This variety is particularly noted for its late-season appeal, making it a perfect choice for extending the visual interest in the garden well into the autumn months.

Malus ‘Evereste’

Malus ‘Evereste’ remains a robust variety celebrated for its resilience and spectacular display of white flowers that transition into orange-red fruits. Its adaptability to a range of soil types and resistance to common diseases make it a preferred choice for gardeners seeking both beauty and functionality.

Malus ‘Sun Rival’

Malus ‘Sun Rival’ offers a weeping habit similar to ‘Royal Beauty’, but stands out with its white blossoms and bright, cherry-red fruits. The elegant, cascading branches of ‘Sun Rival’ create a captivating display in any garden setting, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a tree with a unique form and year-round interest.

Malus ‘Jelly King’

Malus ‘Jelly King’ earns its name from the large, flavourful fruits perfect for jelly-making. Its abundant white blossoms and attractive, ornamental fruit serve dual purposes, offering both culinary and aesthetic benefits to the garden.

Malus ‘Butterball’

Malus ‘Butterball’ shines in the autumn landscape with its golden-yellow fruits that contrast beautifully against its foliage. This variety is not just a visual delight but also provides a bounty of fruits, which can be left on the tree to support local bird populations through the winter.

Choosing the Right Variety

When selecting a crab apple tree, consider the tree’s mature size, bloom time, and fruit characteristics. It’s also important to factor in the tree’s resistance to diseases such as apple scab and fire blight. We offer detailed information on each variety, assisting gardeners in making informed choices that align with their garden’s aesthetic and ecological goals.


Our crab apple varieties represent the pinnacle of ornamental and functional gardening. Whether drawn to the dramatic flair of ‘Profusion’, the unique weeping form of ‘Sun Rival’, or the culinary potential of ‘Jelly King’, each variety brings its own charm to the garden. Incorporating these trees into your landscape not only enhances its beauty but also contributes to the local ecosystem, making your garden a haven for both people and wildlife.

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