Tree Care Essentials


When planting your trees, it’s important to consider what they will need to help them grow strong and healthy. Ensure your trees have the best start in life with our selection of quality tree care essentials.


Endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society, rootgrow™ mycorrhixal fungi is a completely natural planting partner which accelerates the development of a highly efficient secondary root system and naturally increases the update of nutrients and water.

A healthy and abundant root system improves flowering and fruiting, reduces the need for chemical fertilisers and improves resistance to drought. Perfect for giving trees a good start in life. Just one sachet when planting can result in greater flowering and fruit.

Natural Tree Feed

Our Natural Tree Feed is a liquid concentrate containing seaweed extract and plant-derived amino acids. The organic bio-stimulants encourage strong root growth and stimulate soil microbes that are essential for the efficient uptake of nutrients and trace elements. One or two capfuls in a full watering will promote strong, healthy growth and is especially beneficial for young trees and trees kept in containers. Best applied in spring and summer.

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