Liriodendron tulipifera ‘Snow Bird’® Tulip Tree

Description: 'Snow Bird'® is an upright, deciduous tree with a pyramidal crown eventually reaching to 20m tall. Its distinctively lobed and variegated leaves are green with creamy white margins and turn golden-yellow in autumn. On mature trees it produces stunning greenish yellow, tulip shaped flowers in May and June. Given plenty of space, it will form a spectacular specimen tree for large gardens and parklands.

History: This variety is due to James Palmer Rumbal, a long time researcher at the well-known New Zealand Duncan & Davies nursery.

Liriodendron Growing Tips: Requires a moist fertile soil, ideally slightly acidic, prefers deep loam that will not dry out. Plant in full sun or part shade. If you need to shape the plant do so in late winter. This may reduce the number of flowers in the current season so to avoid this you may prune it right after flowering – in mid-summer.

Height and Spread (after 10 years): 8m x 4m


  • Deciduous
  • L Size: Large
  • Flowering month: May
  • Tree shape: Standard
  • Leaf colour: Yellow / Green
  • Needs well-draining site

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