Frank P Matthews Celebrates Staff with Veterans Day Long Service Awards


Frank P Matthews Celebrates Long-Serving Staff with RHS Long Service Medals

Frank P Matthews is proud to honour the incredible dedication and hard work of its long-serving staff members, who have been integral to the nursery’s success and growth for over 25 years. These veteran employees have shown unwavering commitment, significantly contributing to the nursery’s esteemed reputation and continued excellence in horticulture.

Celebrating 25+ Years of Service

Every year we hold Veterans Day to celebrate our veterans and thank them for their steadfast commitment to the business. To qualify as a veteran staff members must have worked for us for at least 25 years. We currently have 20 veterans within the business. Today, Frank P Matthews celebrated the outstanding contributions of its staff who have been part of the team for 25 years or more. These dedicated individuals have played a crucial role in the nursery’s achievements, providing invaluable expertise and fostering a culture of excellence and reliability.

A number of our veterans are celebrating significant long-service milestones:

Sam Taylor joined us in 1984 and has been with us for 40 years. Sam has worked several roles in the field and can now be found driving a range of large machinery across the nursery.

Lyndon Caldicott is celebrating 25 years of service and has been a cornerstone of our dispatch operations. His extensive wealth of knowledge of our nursery and tree varieties is an invaluable resource responsible for the smooth picking and delivery of orders.

Jonathan Griffiths is also celebrating a quarter of a century at the nursery after joining in 1999.

RHS Long Service Medals Awarded

In a special acknowledgement of their exceptional service, three esteemed team members have been awarded the prestigious Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Long Service Medals. These medals recognise their extraordinary 40 years of dedication to Frank P Matthews and the horticultural industry. The recipients of this esteemed honour have demonstrated remarkable loyalty and expertise, setting a high standard for the entire team. Sam Taylor, Nick Dunn and Dale Swash were presented with these medals for their exemplary service to horticulture.

“These long-serving staff members are the heart and soul of our nursery,” said Steph Dunn James, Managing Director at Frank P Matthews. “Their dedication and hard work have been instrumental in shaping Frank P Matthews into what it is today. We are incredibly proud to celebrate their achievements and honour their unwavering commitment to our success.”

The celebration of these veteran employees not only highlights their contributions but also underscores the legacy of excellence that Frank P Matthews has built over the years. Their collective knowledge and experience have been pivotal in maintaining the high standards and innovative practices that define the nursery.

As Frank P Matthews honours these remarkable individuals, the entire team extends its deepest gratitude for their enduring dedication and contributions. The nursery looks forward to many more years of shared success and continued growth, driven by the same commitment to quality and excellence that these long-serving staff members have exemplified.