Frank P Matthews Growing Trees For Japanese Sakura Project


Beginning this winter, trees will be planted at various locations as part of the Sakura Project. A few selected sites will be offered a number of specimen trees for ceremonial plantings to launch the project.

Frank P Matthews managing director Nick Dunn said. “Britain has a long history of admiration for Japanese Flowering Cherries. Which was firmly established by the famous Collingwood ‘Cherry’ Ingram, who collected and preserved many important varieties. The Sakura Project continues this shared passion for these wonderful trees for everyone to enjoy for generations to come.”

Three main varieties are being grown: ‘Beni-yutaka’, ‘Somei-yoshino’ and ‘Tai-haku’, with a few other Sakura classics such as ‘Ichiyo’ and ‘Shirofugen’ included in the first plantings. The flowering periods of these overlap, enabling the UK to have its own ‘Hanami’ festival. An ancient tradition in Japan where everyone picnics beneath the spectacular boughs.

A total of 6,500 trees are to be planted at up to 100 different sites with good public access. Each site will receive two year old, well-branched, bare root trees. Propagated at Frank P Matthews in Worcestershire using their own materials. They hope that within 10 years the spring displays will become nationally recognised.

To find out more about the Sakura Project see the below website.

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