‘Trees For Your Garden’ Reference Book


Thousands of gardeners have already enjoyed the original ‘Tree Guide for Gardens’. Now this 320 page edition contains extra information about hundreds of fruit and ornamental trees in an easy to use format. With over 1000 illustrations, ‘Trees for your garden’ is an indispensable guide for novice and expert alike.

The book contains all the information you need to choose, plant and enjoy ornamental and fruit trees in your garden and elsewhere.

There are notes on the history and heritage of trees, guidance on the shape and size to which they will grow and practical information on picking and storing fruit.

‘Trees for you garden’ is a major work of reference to which you will return again and again.

To order your copy please email enquiries@fpmatthews.co.uk with your name, address and contact number. (RRP £14.99 plus postage)

Trees for your garden book

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