Elder was once only thought of as a hedgerow and foraging tree. In the last few years commercial plantations have begun in the UK and Elderflower varieties have been selected for either their large flower blooms or heavy crops of large berries including their high anthocyanin content. The flowers can be used to flavour or produce cordials while the berries (though poisonous raw) can be cooked and used in pies, syrups and for dyes such as dying yoghurt.

On average yields can be 8-12 ton per ha based on 4-500 trees per ha spaced at 5x4m.

We act as exclusive agents for Gräb Nursery in Germany. Their specialist approach produces the finest quality trees on the most suitable of nursery soils to the very highest specification. They also offer through our portfolio the most recent varieties from their own breeding programme and the progeny of other stone fruit breeding programmes throughout the world.

For more information on picking and technical information on varieties please see Grab Nurseries website

The below varieties have been selected for their large flowers or heavy crops of large berries.

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