Ornamental Trees – Container Specifications

We grow a variety of ornamental container trees in various sizes to suit the smaller and larger garden. All of the trees are grown for a full growing season before despatch to encourage deep rooting for stability and fast establishment after planting. Our container trees are measured in height from the top of the pots to the top of the trees, not measured by girth.

The below information will help you and guide you in the right direction to choose the best ornamental container trees for your garden space. Click here for Fruit Trees – Container Specifications.

These specifications are for guidance only, as nature offers variation between varieties and within each tree form.

Ornamental Container Tree 12 litre

12L Ornamental

Our ornamental trees in 12L containers are our most commonly grown form. They have been grown at least one year in the field and at least one year in the pot. Trees in this range are pruned several times during production. This will produce a well formed balanced head of branches to suit the natural habit of the variety.

7L Ornamental

Our 7L range includes the more unusual and slow growing varieties. Sizes and shapes can vary. We take every care to produce trees that are proportionate to the natural vigour and habit of the individual tree.

Ornamental Container Tree 7 litre
Container Tree 12 litre top worked

12L Top Worked Ornamental

Top Worked (TW) trees are grafted at various heights from 0.45m-1.2m. This is to suit the growth habit (weeping, shrubby or compact) of individual varieties and tree form created.

11.5L Patio Ornamental

The ornamental terracotta patio range includes top worked (TW) forms, shrubby trees and naturally low vigour varieties. Including Malus on very dwarf M27 rootstocks.

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