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Cedrus libani sub atlantica
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Cedrus lib subsp. atlantica


Description: Cedrus atlantica, also known as Cedar of Lebanon is a large, fast-growing tree with horizontal branches at a later age. The trunk is grey and smooth, but rougher in older trees, later flaking off in small plates, revealing the reddish brown under layers. The branches are fairly loose and open, twigs are first greyish green to greyish brown but turn grey in the second year. Upright cones appear in autumn. Young cones are green but turn purplish brown to brown later.

History: Naturally occurring on dry, calcareous mountain slopes in the Atlas Mountains of north-western Africa.

Cedrus Growing Tips: Performs best in full sun in medium moisture, well-drained soils. Tolerant of hot and humid summers. Drought tolerant once established.

Height and Spread: 25m x 6m

General attributes

Award-winning Award-winning
Text Green Silver Foliage
Text Spreading

Ornamental attributes

Large tree size after 10 years Large tree size after 10 years
Slow growth rate Slow growth rate
Open space planting Open space planting
Evergreen Evergreen
Chalk tolerant Chalk tolerant
Drought tolerant Drought tolerant
Don't prune Don't prune