White Versailles Whitecurrant

Description: White Versailles is a popular, mid season variety that produces a heavy crop of pale yellow-white, shiny soft currants that are sweet in flavour with abundant long strigs. A lovely sweet flavour so they are delicious when eaten straight from the bush, or they can be cooked into pies and jams without the need to add any extra sugar. It's a reliable cropper, and will provide a good yield every year. Upright, vigorous and deciduous in habit. Pale green flowers appear during the Spring. Very easy to grow!

Whitecurrant Growing Tips: Whitecurrants will tolerate a wide range of soil conditions, but prefer well-drained soil. They perform best when they're planted in a sunny position, but will also cope in partial shade. They can be planted as bushes, or trained as a fan against a wall. Make sure you protect the fruits to stop the birds getting them!


  • Uses: Eating
  • Picking month: Late September

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A heavy cropping, late season cultivar with transparent, ivory-coloured fruits.

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