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Peach (Prunus) Amsden June

Amsden June


Description: Amsden June is the earliest ripening peach. The fruits are very pale green, almost white skinned with a bright red blush, slightly small compared to other varieties but this doesn't affect the delicious taste. Very tender and juicy and excellent flavours. White flesh that falls away from the stone easily, freestone. Beautiful clusters of dark pink flowers during the spring. Very suitable to the warmer climate so a good choice to warmer parts of the UK.

History: Originates from Missouri, USA and was discovered in 1865.

Peach Growing Tips: Suited to well-drained and moderately fertile soils in a full sun position. Fan training on a sheltered wall (except north facing) is recommended to avoid leaf curl. Picking times relate to growing under glass, therefore if planting outside at least two weeks need to be added. Early flowering outside makes these trees prone to frost damage. Fruit is best picked when still firm to final ripening indoors.

General attributes

Protect from frost Protect from frost

Uses for this variety

Peach Bite Eating

Fruit attributes

Self-fertile Self-fertile
Picking month Late June Picking month Late June