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Tayberry (Rubus) Medana



Parentage: Raspberry x Blackberry

Description: Medana is the original Tayberry variety that produces a heavy crop of large reddish-purple fruits of delicious, sweet and mild flavour. Tasty when eaten as a sweet dessert, cooked into a puree and added to yoghurt or ice cream. The fruits also freeze very well if you would like to keep some for future use. This variety has given excellent results in Ministry of Agriculture trials, cropping consistantly year after year. The perfect hybrid berry for any garden!

History: Raised by the Scottish Crop Institute, Scotland.

Tayberry Growing Tips: Tayberry are happy planted into any well-drained soil, ideally in a sunny position although they will tolerate partial shade. Support the stems on framework of wires or train against a trellis, fence or wall. Also grows well in containers. In the Spring, apply a general fertiliser.

Uses for this variety

Suitable for cooking Cooking
Suitable for eating Eating

Fruit attributes

Self-fertile Self-fertile
Picking month  July Picking month July