Acacia trees are elegant, ornamental trees. There are many species and most are native to warm-temperate regions such as Australia, Southern Asia and Africa. Common names include Mimosa, Wattle or Thorntree. Many varieties have thorny branches and all species are pod-bearing.

To perform well they need a sheltered position with good sunlight. They will tolerate poor soil as long as it is well-draining.

One of the most popular varieties for the UK climate is Acacia dealbata. This is an evergreen tree with fine, pinnate bluish-green leaves and clusters of scented, yellow flowers in spring. It is medium-sized with a naturally upright shape.

  • Acacia bai ‘Purpurea’

    Purple Wattle


    The purple Cootamundra wattle. Exotic and striking purple bipinnate foliage and stunning mimosa flowers.

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  • Acacia dealbata

    Silver Wattle


    Evergreen shrub with finely divided grey-green leaves and fragrant yellow flowers, borne in terminal clusters.

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