Japanese Flowering Cherries Beginning to Blossom

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Few plants brighten up the garden in spring as effectively as a flowering cherry tree. Visually stunning they are also an important source of nectar for insects.

So highly valued in their country of origin that the unfolding of the flowers is reported alongside the weather forecast so people can plan their Hanami - an outdoor celebration of the blossom with lavish picnics under the dazzling blooms.

Whether your taste is for the delicate, single white flowers of 'Chocolate Ice' or the big, blousy pinks of 'Kanzan', there are many delightful varieties to choose from. Here are a few of our favourites...click on the photos for more information.


Prunus Ukon

Charming and unusual
semi-double pale yellow flowers and brownish-bronze foliage. Stunning when mature.
Prunus Horinji

A small upright tree with soft pink semi-double flowers contrasting with pronounced purplish-brown calyces. Young leaves are deep green and brown.
Prunus Beni-yutaka

A semi-double flower in a unique sugar pink with dark central eye, flowering in April. Lovely rich red-crimson autumn colours.
Prunus Royal Burgundy

A vase shaped tree, impressive for its rich burgundy leaves and deep rose-pink double flowers. Spectacular leaf colour in autumn.
Prunus Chocolate Ice

The deep coppery-brown young leaves make a wonderful contrast with the large single blush-white flowers. Upright habit when young then spreading as the tree matures.
Prunus Shirotae

One of the most beautiful Japanese cherries. Very large fragrant white flowers on spreading horizontal branches, a classic.