NEW Varieties Win at HTA National Plant Show 2017


We entered three new varieties into the HTA National Plant Show 2017 and all won awards in the ‘Trees and Conifers’ category.

Malus toringo ‘Aros’ ® won Best in Show, Best in Category and the Visitor Vote award. 

Apple Surprize™ won Gold!

Aprium Aprisali won Silver!

All of our new varieties will be available to our garden centre customers from 14th August 2017.

Malus toringo ‘Aros’ ®

A stunning dwarf, upright tree. Leaves emerge shiny dark burgundy to black turning slightly green with age. Bright purple/pink flowers in the spring turn to very dark red/maroon persistent crab apples in the autumn. Ideal for patio growing or small spaces. Best in show at HTA National Plant Show 2017

Apple Surprize ™

An exceptional new apple that is quite unlike any that have come before. Brilliantly glossy orange skin with pink flesh. Crisp juicy and delicious that’s quirky and tasty!

Aprium Aprisali

Cross between a plum and an apricot. Aprisali is suitable for both eating and cooking. Produces juicy, crimson fruits with a beautiful taste and aroma. This is a compact grower that’s very hardy! Gardeners don’t have to wait long to enjoy the fruits as they crop very early in July.