Contract Growing and Grafting Services

We recognise that sometimes, though we speculatively produce trees to satisfy demand, we may not have the right rootstock/variety combination to suit the situation. We therefore offer a contract growing service where we will grow trees to order. Ordering by January 1st will enable us to grow any variety on any rootstock to a high specification for delivery in the autumn of the following year. This advance ordering will offer the best quality tree and prices. We can also combine rootstock for example for interstem trees. 

Rootstock Services

We offer high health status rootstocks available to growers for their own budding and bench grafting. Either as one year layers or two year transplanted.

We specialise in clonal rootstocks for fruit but many can be used as rootstocks for ornamental trees such as Malus, Prunus and Pyrus.

Generally 9 – 11mm are suitable for bench grafting and 7 – 9mm for budding. Available in price bands for quantities of 10, 100, 1000.

We can also advise on size calibre for various fruit types and situations. We currently also offer a top work grafting service for orchards using our own nursery staff.

Budwood and Graftwood Services

Budwood and graftwood is available subject to availability.

Varieties with PVR Protection are only available to propagation licenses. We have many varieties available for growers. When supplying shoots, bud and yield will vary for each variety but there are approximately 6 – 12 buds and 3 – 6 grafts per shoot. We will however select the most vigorous and healthy shoots at the time of collection.

Available in price bands for quantities of 10, 25 and 50. Price lists are available on application.

For information on rootstock selection click here.

For information on planting distances click here.

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