Our European Partners

In order to bring the most up to date varieties and highest quality trees for commercial fruit growers, we are also agents for our European Partners, Botden & van Willegen Nursery in Holland and Graeb Nursery is Germany. It is important that leading European nurseries work together.

As the top fruit industry becomes more international in all respects, we consider it sensible to extend our interests on behalf of our customers to breeders and nurseries.

Botden & van Willegen

Botden & van Willegen is one of the leading fruit tree nurseries in Europe. They produce high quality, healthy fruit trees of all modern varieties.

Botden grow all main varieties, club varieties and new introductions. With an annual production of approximately 2 million fruit trees per year, the quality of their trees is key to their success. Supplying core, heritage and specialist varieties of Apples and Pears.

Graeb Nursery

The Grab family are dedicated to stone fruit tree production of cherries, plums, peaches, nectarines and apricots. Their specialist approach produces the finest quality fruit trees. Grown on the most suitable of nursery soils to the very highest specification.

They also offer through our portfolio the most recent varieties from their own breeding programme and the progeny of other stone fruit breeding programmes throughout the world.