Apricots, Peaches and Nectarines

We act as exclusive agents for Gräb Nursery in Germany. Their specialist approach produces the finest quality trees on the most suitable of nursery soils to the very highest specification. They also offer, through our portfolio the most recent varieties from their own breeding programme and the progeny of other stone fruit breeding programmes throughout the world.

Apricots, Peaches and Nectarines are very hardy trees that can be grown as a free standing tree and all varieties are self-fertile. Their early flowering habit requires some caution and good air drainage is important to their fruiting potential in an open situation. If this is not possible, then growing on walls will enable easy protection from spring frosts.


Apricot trees are a unique addition to the garden with lots of juice and delicate flavours. Small, juicy and sweet fruits – definitely best when they’re home-grown! Ready for picking from June to September, depending on the variety.

The delicious fruits are perfect for bottling, cooking, eaten straight from the tree or dried. Lovely masses of pink blossom in the spring. Grow well in UK climate.

Some apricot trees are perfect for patio growing or limited spaces, with a maximum height of 2m so can be grown in any sized garden. They can also be trained as a fan against a wall.


Peach trees are a lovely garden fruit which offer both fruiting and ornamental qualities. The sweet and juicy fruits crop from June and are delicious eaten from the tree. Make sure the fruit is still firm! Beautiful display of pink blossoms in spring.

Picking times relate to growing under glass, therefore if planting outside at least two weeks need to be added. All varieties are self fertile. Early flowering outside make these trees prone to frost damage, so undercover growing is recommended. Fan training on a sheltered wall is an option.


Nectarine trees are the smooth skinned peach. Often considered to have a superior flavours to its well loved cousin. Fresh, melting and juicy fruits. Ready for picking in August and September. Delicious eaten fresh or used in making desserts, sauces and jams.

Produces a mass of lovely pink flowers from the end of March so it is advised to protect this species from frost. Therefore undercover in a greenhouse works well . We supply nectarine trees in a range of sizes and forms, so you can grow your tree in a pot, against a wall as a fan trained tree or as a bush. So we have the right size for even the smallest gardens!

Pruning in the spring will encourage strong new growth which will help fruiting. Prefer a warm, sunny and sheltered position.

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