Scion Fruits

Scion Fruits is Britain’s most forward thinking top fruit breeding programme for modern customers. A joint venture between Richard Hochfeld Ltd, one of the largest suppliers of apples and pears to the retail sector, and Frank P Matthews, UK nursery supplying both the garden centre and farming sectors with innovative and exciting new top fruit varieties.

The aim of our joint venture is to promote the growing, commercialisation and consumption of British apples and pears, through the careful selection of new varieties from our bespoke breeding programme. We develop varieties that growers will want to plant and customers will want to eat.

This initiative is the UK’s only current commercial top fruit breeding programme. With 35 varieties at various stages of development including those that reportedly taste of candy floss, cherries and fruit salad sweets. The wonderful Apple Sunburst and Apple Surprize have been bred through this programme. Both very popular UK grown varieties for commercial and garden growing. For more information and to find out about exciting new introductions we have in the pipeline visit the Scion Fruits website.

We collaborate our own breeding with European breeding connections licensing and fruit grower trials.

Other organisations we are associated with are listed below.


Artevos is a group of German Nurseries and extended members who fund trials and research on all fruit trees. They also represent a multitude of breeders producing an innovative selection of varieties.

Bayerisches Obstzentrum

Dr Michael Neumuller is well known for his innovative breeding of all top fruit and rootstocks undertaken with the ultimate attention to detail.

With an emphasis initially on red-fleshed apples for the specialist juice market he also has exciting commercial and farm shop varieties including red pears, long term storage apples and novel selections including hypoallergenic apples.

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