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Apple (Malus) Queen Cox S.F 18
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Queen Cox Self Fertile 18


Description: Queen Cox is a distinctly flattened cooking apple. The best commercial form of Cox that's brownish-red with broken bright red stripes and smooth skin. Flesh is white, rather soft, juicy and acid-like. Cooks to a bright yellow puree and makes a good baked apple. Good yields due to its precocious self fertility. Primarily a garden and exhibition variety.

History: Raised by W. Bull, a farmer, at Billcricay, Essex, England from seed sown in 1858. Introduced by Saltmarsh of Chelmsford, Essex, England as The Claimant in 1880. That same year, it received First Class Certificate from Royal Horticultural Society. Remains very popular in Essex.

General attributes

Award-winning Award-winning

Uses for this variety

Good Eater Eating
Suitable for juicing Juice

Fruit attributes

Flowering group 3 Flowering group 3
Self-fertile Self-fertile
Picking month Mid September Picking month Mid September
Stores until December Stores until December