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Cornus flo rubra
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Cornus florida rubra


Description: Cornus florida rubara is a deciduous tree with a low-branching, broadly-pyramidal but somewhat flat-topped habit. The young leaves are slightly purple coloured but later turns dark green, with a grey-white underside. The autumn colour is a beautiful scarlet red to violet. Produces a stunning display of tiny green flower heads covered by 4 reddish-pink bracts with a white centre, these flowers cover the tree around May and are then followed by red fruits that are adored by birds.

Cornus Growing Tips: Thrives in fertile, humus-rich, neutral to acid soil. Unsuitable for shallow, chalky soils.

Height and Spread (after 10 years): 4m x 4m

General attributes

Text Green Foliage
Text Spreading

Ornamental attributes

Small tree size after 10 years Small tree size after 10 years
Autumn colour Autumn colour
Flowering month - May Flowering month - May
Clay tolerant Clay tolerant
Shade tolerant Shade tolerant
Don't prune Don't prune