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Crataegus mon Biflora (Glastonbury)

Crataegus monogyna 'Biflora' (Glastonbury)


Description: Biflora, also known as the Glastonbury Thorn, is a medium sized shrub or small tree produces leaves earlier than normal and occasionally an early crop of white flowers in winter, but these are smaller than those that flower in spring, produces dark red fruits.

History: Legend has it that this tree is linked to Saint Joseph of Arimathea, who when reaching Glastonbury in the 1st Century AD to be the first to introduce Christianity, struck his holy staff of hawthorn into the ground and it miraculously sprouted. Since the 17th Century, when James Montague, the Bishop of Bath & Wells sent a budded branch of a Glastonbury Thorn to Queen Anne, King James I’s consort, a spray of flowers from a Glastonbury Thorn has been sent to the reigning Queen every Christmas.

Crataegus Growing Tips: Will tolerate a wide range of soils as long as they are well-drained, urban pollution and coastal conditions. Extremley hardy and ideal for the smaller garden. Prefer full sun or partial shade. 

Height (after 10 years): 6m

General attributes

Text Green Foliage
Text Traditional

Ornamental attributes

Medium tree size after 10 years Medium tree size after 10 years
Open space planting Open space planting
Flowering month - January Flowering month - January
Fruit for wildlife Fruit for wildlife
Chalk tolerant Chalk tolerant
Clay tolerant Clay tolerant
Wet tolerant Wet tolerant
Tolerates exposed site Tolerates exposed site
Tolerates coastal site Tolerates coastal site
Shade tolerant Shade tolerant
Replacement prune Replacement prune